Moving into New Zealand

Moving to New Zealand, furniture and household removals, excess luggage shipping, vehicle importing.

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We offer you a complete international moving service

If you’re moving overseas to New Zealand, just stick with this page and you’ll find all the information you need by clicking links as you read down the page. We provide you comprehensive service:

  • Managed from end to end – reduced hassles
  • No hidden costs or nasty surprises at the NZ end
  • Personal service - one point of contact from start to finish, with the option of online tracking of progress

Overseas agents – see our terms and rates

We welcome partnering with overseas moving companies to provide import services. See our services, rates, ports, and import requirements.

Worldwide service via 1500 partners in various countries

With our network of reputable agents overseas, we can offer a comprehensive removals service - from just about anywhere in the world.

Make your move simple and less stressful with a one-stop-shop solution

request quoteIf you’d like to keep things as simple as possible to ease the usually stressful experience of moving, you can get us to quote for a complete international moving solution. You can find more information on:

Pet transport

Storage for your goods

Insurance to cover your move

Vehicle shipping

As well as moving your household goods, we can import cars, trucks, SUV's, motorbikes, motor-homes, boats, yachts, and virtually any kind of vehicle. See more on vehicle shipping

Air vs sea freight – what’s best?

We’ll advise you on what’s best for your unique requirements. Air-freight is generally preferable for small loads for the following reasons:

  • International shipments are much faster - around 7 days to most common worldwide destinations, ideal for those last minute items.
  • It is usually cheaper - with the shorter transit time, less expenses are incurred on hotel accommodation whilst waiting for your personal effects vs arriving by sea.
  • Large shipments are discounted, at various weight breakpoints.

Airfreight services are accessible to almost any overseas destination (more than 20,000 cities in over 200 countries and territories).

Sea freight is generally necessary for large loads, due to limitations of space on aircraft.

Your goods can be shipped by a combination of air and sea, so if you are shipping most of your goods by sea, you have the option to send other items by air that you will require immediately upon arrival.

Avoid expensive excess baggage for air travel

Airline excess luggage can be expensive. If you find that you have more excess baggage for international travel than you expected, we can bring it here for you at a cheaper rate.


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Importing charges, regulations, and procedures

You need to be aware of the requirements for importing to New Zealand, including:

  • Taxes and charges
  • Regulations and Restrictions
  • Clearance procedures

MAF Customs Forms
Customs Letter of Authority
Importing Vehicles
Appplication for Client Code
Application for Supplier Code