Pet Transport

Transport of pets, domestic or international, safe end-to-end delivery, all needs taken care of.



An all-inclusive service taking care of all your pets’ needs

We offer a pet transport service through one of our specialist business partners, with all the options you’ll need to ensure the safety and well-being of your pet:

  • Door-to-door service or airport-to-airport (within NZ)
  • Cage included (custom-built if needed) or provide your own
  • Transit boarding included where required
  • Veterinary clearances

You can organise pet transport separately yourself through our partner pet transport company

Tips for preparing your pets for travel

  • Ensure plenty of clean water is available in their cage (supplied cages have drinking containers)
  • Notify us of any medical conditions
  • Exercise pet before travel to release excess energy and toileting
  • Avoid big meals just before travel to avoid discomfort and cage soiling

You can find more information on exporting and importing pets to various countries including NZ on the VenturePet website.

If you want to move your pets along with your household goods, go to one of the pages on the main menu. To tranport pets only, fill-in the form below:

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