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“I just wanted to drop you a note to express my thanks to you for safely shipping my car... it is in the same condition as when it was handed over to you in Wellington. You are very pleasant to work with, very reasonable charges... Thank you"

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We specialise in vehicle removals - all kinds of vehicles

We’re specialised vehicle movers offering international vehicle shipping - car removals, trucks, SUV's, motorbikes, motor-homes, boats, yachts, and virtually all kinds of vehicle removals. See also our services for importing vehicles to New Zealand

No hidden costs or surprises at the other end!

We will cover all transport costs for your vehicle shipping excluding payments due by you to various authorities which are covered below. we'll also make you aware of all the forms you need to fill-in for the other end. You don’t have to worry about nasty surprises or frustrations at the other end.

request quoteTransport and delivery options:

  • Roll-on-roll-off
    (vehicle is parked alongside other vehicles on a ship deck, non-containerised)
  • Full container load
    (exclusive use of a shipping container)
  • Shared containers

Roll-on-roll-off is the most common form of transport, for sea freight only, as it is generally the cheapest means.

Containerised transport costs a bit more but offers some advantages:

  • Extra Protection - once the vehicle is loaded into the container it cannot be accessed until it is unpacked, preventing theft and damage.
  • Flexibility - containers are loadable from most major ports in NZ and overseas, but roll-on-roll-off is only available from Auckland.

Shared containers can be used for small vehicle shipping, to avoid the cost of a whole container.

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Regulations, procedures, and costs associated with vehicle shipping

You need to be aware of the requirements for the country you’re moving your vehicle to, including:

  • Taxes and charges
  • Regulations and Restrictions
  • Clearance procedures

The links below give details for respective countries:


Import Guide
Motor Vehicle Imports
Vehicle Application
Vehicle Eligibility


Car Importing
SVA Centres


Auto Imports
Auto Imports Environmental Protection

Other countries

Click here for any other countries